Tuesday, November 6, 2012

question pg.69 #14

Question: Li and Ray shared a vegetarian pizza which was cut into eight equal pieces and the Hawaiian pizza into six equal pieces. Li ate two  slices of vegetarian pizza and one slice of Hawaiian pizza. Ray ate two slice of Hawaiian pizza and one slice of vegetarian pizza.

A) Who ate more pizza?

  Ray ate more because:

Li: Veggie pizza- 2/8 and Hawaiian pizza 1/6

Ray: VP- 1/8 and Hawaiian pizza 2/6

I found the lowest common denominator for 6 and 8. Which was 24.
Then also multiplied the numerator with the same number which I multiplied with the denominator.

Li:  VP   2/8 x 3/3 = 6/24
       HP   1/6 x 4/4 = 4/24
 4/24 + 6/24= 10/24

Ray: VP  1/8 x 3/3= 3/24

        HP  2/6 x 4/4 = 8/24
3/24+ 8/24= 11/24

Also 6ths are much bigger pieces than 8ths so if you had more sixths you probably had more pizza because they were bigger pieces.

B) How much more pizza did that person eat?


C)  How much pizza was left over?

13/24 or 5/8 of veggie pizza and 3/6 of Hawaiian pizza.

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