Thursday, November 29, 2012

Transformation: Rotation

Order of Rotation
Its how many times a shape/image rotates before it finishes a rotation.
360° / 4 = 90°
360° / 2 = 180°
90° angle turns = order of rotation 4
180° _________ = ________ 2
If you divide 360° by the Order of Rotation, we get the angle at which we made our turns.

What is the Angle of Rotation?
It’s the minimum degree of the angle of our turns in one full rotation.

Rotation Symmetry
It has to have a center of rotation
When you turn/ rotate the image, at least part of the image has to fit on top of another part.
It has to have an order of rotation greater than 1.

Center of Rotation
Center of the image or shape that the image or shape has to rotate around.
The number of times an image reflects upon itself by rotating, before finishing one full rotation.

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