Saturday, November 3, 2012

                    Textbook page 70. Question #18

18.  One ninth of the height of an iceberg was above the surface of the water. The iceberg extended to a depth of 75.8 m below the surface. What was the height of the iceberg above the surface? Express your answer to the nearest tenth of a metre.

75.8 is 8 of the iceberg, so we have to find 1 of the iceberg that's above the water.
            9                                                       9

Divide 75.8 by 8. Whatever the answer is, that is the rest of the iceberg. This is because we don't know what the 1 is but if we divide we get 1 of the iceberg and that is how much is missing.
                         9                                          9


(Sorry i couldn't get the picture straight.)

Now you know that 9.475 is the 1 so now you have to round it to the nearest tenth. That would 9.5.

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